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 Posted: 07-29-2009 04:07 am
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Hello everyone, my name is Brack. I'm 24 and I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I recently in herited a 1973 Jensen Healey. The car sat for 7 years, neglected by my step-dad after he got his porsche. Well, he recently passed away and I'm left with a nice car that needs some TLC. All in all the car is in good shape. The body needs to be sprayed, but its not that bad. The interior is faded from being outside for 7 years but is complete and intact.  I crawled under the dash and it honestly looks like a new car under there. There were a few wired not connected and some random scotch tabs and jerry-riggery, but I think I figured it all out and made permanent connections.  The fuel tank was rusted pretty bad. After getting all the rust out that I could get to, I had the tank blasted which produced small holes in the bottom of the tank, after filling the holes, it has a fresh coat of paint and is back in the car. The engine is the standard Lotus 907 but has the Dellorto carb conversion..glad I didn't have to pay for that! The carbs were installed about the time my dad lost interest so they were never synched. The engine will turn over but will not start. I put a new battery in it and sanded the point, but I'm going to have a mechanic pal look at with me tom..well in 8 hrs. It has 7934 origianl miles as confirmed by records. There isn't anything that absolutely requires major attention at this point from what I can tell, but I do Jeeps, not British cars. So I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of dumb questions posted by me, but feel free to get me on track. Thanks in advance, Brack

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