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 Posted: 06-13-2005 05:03 pm
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Just looking for suggestions here - I've found lots of good information on using relays to get power to my fans (a dual-fan setup behind the radiator) but haven't really found any good info about what gauge wiring is needed to handle the amps of fans.

Just for info, based on suggestions I've read online, I'm thinking of using a pair of 30 amp relays PER FAN, or if I can find 'em, something like a 70 amp relay per fan to simplifiy things. I have no idea what my fans actually pull amp-wise as they were received with the original car in a box, but I'd think 20-30 amps is a decent ballpark guess.

But what gauge wiring can handle a constant 30 amp pull? Are there calculations one does to figure this out (amps/distance), or is there a standard for gauge/amps?

Thanks all!!

--Erik Karlsson
75 JH