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 Posted: 07-23-2009 03:48 pm
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Ken Kittleson


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JH 16863, 1974 Mk II, original engine, 4 spd., small bumpers, originally tangerine, black interior, bone stock right down to the Strombergs, carbon cannister, muffler air cleaner and non-working Jensen Healey 8-track player.  Local Wisconsin circuit court judge bought it new in '74, kept it until '99 although he lost both legs to diabetes in the mid-90's, so he must have loved this car.  Second owner bought it in '99 with 40K miles, fixed the brakes and oil leaks, replaced the cambelts, patched the floor, resprayed it red, replaced the black top and interior, took it to the Iola car show in 2000, then stashed it away for the next nine years.  I bought it in April '09 with 43K miles for $3500, dealt with some bad gas issues, came in on the tow truck twice in the first two weeks, replaced fuel pump and filter, replaced ignition system with stock components, Strombergs are still ragged but I've been driving the bejeebers out of it ever since.  Car has spent its entire life in little Sparta, Wisconsin.  I also own a '68 912 and I think the JH handles better, it's certainly more comfortable.  Although the 912 is instantly recognizable, the JH flies under the radar, and even car people mistake it for a Spitfire or Fiat 124.  When I tell them it's a Jensen Healey, they correct me that I mean Austin Healey.  But you've all been there before....