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 Posted: 06-29-2009 04:01 pm
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Thanks for all your message...really thanks.

Finally I starts the engine. I supose more in this forum can find the problem more quick than me, but i need to make more times the  distribution. I prepare the TDC at time and the 1 piston in the upper position. The distributor in the 1 cilinder spark and the next...342.

This operation i make it more than 10 times.

In one time, I put the hand in the inlet manifold when one friend turn the key and the air don't entry.

One recomendation, if you rebuild the engine make this operation in order to make the oil up at the camshafts and the valves open right.

Remove all the sparks.

Make the distributor correctly.

Turn the starts key for a long time without sparks, about 10 seconds. This operation you can repeat it if you don't feel the air entry in the inlet manifold.

If the air entry....put the sparks and you can see the engine starts.


I'm very happy to starts my jensen and happy to see in this forums I find people who want to help me.

Thanks agin to everyone.