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 Posted: 06-27-2009 08:18 pm
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Jim Mckeon

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Just came across this thread......must have been dozin' so I'll throw my hat into the ring with the specs and a bit of the provenance.

JH # 18376

Engine # B74 09 9251

"born on date" 10-15-1974

Condition...good..daily driver

Location..Goleta, CA. with tan interior

Odometer reading...70,306

    I bought the car 13 years ago from the original owner with 44,000 miles reading on the odometer.I did what seem to be standard Jensen-Healy repairs with the replacing the radiator with a new 3 core ( never over-heats now) and gas tank repair(Gas Tank "ReNu"...  recomended, no problems). Upgraded the suspension with Heavy Duty springs and shocks with sway bars. Makes a noticable difference. The car has the big black rubber bumpers, which I love.They actually proctect the car! Running the stock Strombergs, however may upgrade to Dells some day.

  An interesting piece of this cars history... When I purchased the car there was a tow ball welded to the rear bumper (I removed it).This car was originally sold in Ohio.A lady  bought it off the showroom floor and shortly thereafter she met a man with a Lotus Esprit ( I think the cars had something to do with them meeting). They got married , moved out to Southern California and they towed the Lotus behind the Jensen across the country. Can you imagine? What a sight THAT must have been! They decided to retire to the ski country in Colorado and put the Jensen up for sale, which is how I aquired it 13 years ago. Fun car to buzz around town in and I am surprised on how reliable they can be for and "older" British sports car.I find it equally surprising how much they sold for new.$7,000-7,500 was a lot of coin for a car back in the early seventies,almost double what an American "muscle car"cost back then. I like having a car that you can "tinker" with. Along with my '59 MBZ 220S, they are my "hobby" cars.