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 Posted: 06-25-2009 02:47 am
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You're in luck, I just happen to have the console assembly sitting in front of me. The switch in question has four tabs that you need to compress. They are on the sides of the switch at the bottom and top. Said tabs are what hold the switch in place. As you squeeze the tabs the switch should come out through the front of the wood grain panel.

Now, all this being said, the switch is a sealed unit. If it's "come apart" you may not be able to repair it. I'm looking at the switch, and the larger front half is glued to the back half, there's no way to dissasemble it.

If you can get a hand back up under the console and on the switch (there's a bunch of junk in the way, it takes patience and small hands) the trick is to compress the bottom tabs and push the bottom out a little, and then the top tabs.

Good Luck!