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 Posted: 06-24-2009 08:04 pm
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I have five Jensen Healeys in order of purchase with informtion to follow some day on spare engines and numbers:

19741 JH5 purchased from original owner in 1983, underhood fire in 1984, restored by 1993, driven off and on until 1999, stored for 10 years, 2009 current tags and back on the road after brakes, carbs, etc. 90K actual. Changed from yellow to red in 84-93 restoration. Otherwise all original including engine.

17281 MKII purchased in 1993, not running and partially disassembled. My first attempt at a ground up restoration. Completly disassembled and sat covered in my drive until 2005 when I took bare body shell to Huntington Beach, CA for media blast and paint and body. Car is in my garage, Corona, CA and about 50% complete. Mild engine modifications, suspension upgrades, etc.

12661 MKI purchased in 2006, not running but fairly complete. Stored in Norco, CA with non-op. Partially disassembled and has been a great parts car for now.

16882 MKII purshased in 2006, not running but very complete. Completly dissasembled in 2006 and body shell sent to HB for media blast and Paint and body work. This car intended for VARA. Engine completed in 2008 with many modifications.

A13607 MKI/MKII purchased in 2008, fairly complete with spare engine. Pulled sub-frame w/engine and rear end assembly. Engine rebuilt to stock and suspension, etc. powder coated and ready for reassembly. Stored with non-op in Norco, CA.