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 Posted: 06-22-2009 10:08 am
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Hoi Wijnand,

The Shark is indeed on the road after i put in new carpet in the interior & trunk and a new madera dash last winter (still need to make picturese of this). Still braking it in. Just reached 1000 km.. so almost time for a fine tune on a rolling dyno.

Exterior wise i need to do some work on the sills and bumpers which have always been slightly dented. It will look so much better with straight shiny bumpers, but i can't push myself yet to pay for these.

The HC cam carriers indeed do make a lot of sense (no more oill leaks) and to have "Lotus" on them, to me, feels correct.

i do love your panasport wheels. Makes the car look better/classier then with the originals, but of course also this is a matter of taste. When the dollar hits 1.60 or over then i will seriously consider sourcing them from Delta too.

would be fun if your anywhere near with your JH