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 Posted: 06-22-2009 07:52 am
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Hallo Erik,

There some similar upgrades indeed, as they are in some way a logical way to go when trying to upgrade a JH. As a matter of fact I have brought some parts like JE pistons and aluminium flywheel from the States myself, in 2003.

About the cilinder head, its the original JH 2 ltr cilinderhead which I had on the car already before the major overhaul, to prevent the nasty oil leaks from the cam covers I had gotten hold of a set of Lotus HC cam carriers in 1995 already. Got a pair of 107 camsahfts fitted in them, with 45 Dell's which work much better with the higher compression (9.5:1) and stroker crank.

The wheels are Panasports 14"x 6"with 195/60/40 Bridgestones which have a very similar circumference as the standard 185/70/13's I had them shipped from Delta which came in much cheaper then buying them from Mozes at that time.

Warmond is not directly my area as I am living down east (Arnhem) which is a great area for touring around. If I am in your neighborhood, will give a hint.

BTW when is your Shark hitting the road already or are you yet to finish the project?





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