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 Posted: 06-15-2009 09:58 am
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Hi, I'm Oscar from Spain. I'm restoring a Jensen Healey Vin 19868. I'm near to finish my long restoration, but now I have problem, the engine don't start.

I see the manua repair in order to take the TBC with the light fall conecting a lamp, I put correctly but don't start.

I take out a spark in order to see if the sparks works and the sparks works.

I supose the distributor is so difficult to adjusted, and I have a question for the jensen user's. Anyone can say me the best electronic ignitor for this car?

I have a stromberg carbs and I see the carbs works correctly, the fuel pump send the fuel correctly...I don't have any idea to make that the jensen start.

I'm not a mechanic, I supose a expert starts the engine in a few hours, but I want to do it.

Please, if anyone have a posibility I can prove contact with me.