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 Posted: 06-14-2009 09:43 am
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Frank Schwartz


While trying to get my son's recently acquired GT back in running condition, I am not sure of the many pipes there that connect to the air filter box and so on.
Also the ARO valve location.  There are three openings on the air box.
There are FOUR pipes as I recall.  One from the cam cover under the oil filler cap, One big line from the crankcase, one to the carbon cannister...(which also has a pipe coming out the bottom..never saw this before) and another, which I cannot remember at this moment the car is out in the garage and I am here at the computer. 

Also can anyone tell me where the ARO valve is mounted and where the two side outlets on it are connected.  This item is shown in the workshop manual, but the terminology is a bit confusing.   
And... the manuals and GT parts books do not show these connections.   So if anyone has pictures or drawings as to how the many pipes are connected to the air filter box, it would be a great help...
Frank Schwartz