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 Posted: 03-18-2005 06:26 pm
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The single stage vs. bc/cc question really depends on the color you choose and look you want to achieve.

Some colors, especially many metallics, only come in bc/cc. If you want a "vintage look" like a 50's Jaguar BRG I think ss is the way to go. A bc/cc gives a more modern look. (I know it sounds goofy but I feel a cc finish can look a bit "distant" and "detached" while a ss often has more of a "right here" character.)

As for maintenance, bc/cc finishes resist fading best but ss finishes don't show swirls and scratches nearly as much.

Color choice is such a personal thing. Luckily the JH really does look great in most colors, light or dark, solid and metallic, vintage or modern.

Brand wise, everybody and his brother around here use Dupont or PPG so if I was shooting a car myself I think I'd use BASF or Sherwin-Williams just to be antisocial.