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 Posted: 05-27-2009 01:30 pm
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Never heard of that way of tuning Stromb's, but hey if it works for you ........

As for the choke, there is only one and it's on the front carb as you mention, the rear one should have the molding but no thru holes.

Their is a lot written on how to tune Stromb's and I dont need to repeat most of it, do a search and it should come up, but basic, loosen the collar on the shaft between the carbs so they act independent, get the tool for properly adjusting the needles, screw the needles in till seated, then turn out 2-1/4 turns to get in the ball park, turn the idle screw so they have no effect and look thru the carb body to make sure the butterflys are fully closed, then turn the idles back so you can start the car and it keeps running, (I'm doing this from the top of my head so if I am missing  something here please add in). with the engine running check the draft on each carb with a gauge, adjust the idle screws till both carbs pull the same, then lock the collar on the shaft between the carbs. Now you have both carbs set whats left now is to adjust the needle jets till you get a nice mixture and the plugs show a light brown color. As for the temp compensator and bypass stuff, I made mine inoperable or removed it with no problems, some people like to have it but thats just more adjustments and not to value added for me.

If you dont have a repair manual I would suggest you do or at least Google Stromberg 175CD adjustments and you should get all you need and more, (plus what I'm forgetting), they are a pretty simple carb  that lends themselves to be adjusted by owners without to much going wrong, but basic is make sure the main diaghram and needle jets are in good condition, no tears, wholes, bends or scraps.

Good Luck.  Brett