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 Posted: 05-27-2009 05:11 am
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Well, purely be accident, I discovered the main problem I was having (see Distributor falling out...) and it is definitely air/fuel mixture.  Apparently enough fuel to idle, but not nearly enough to make any power when trying to drive.

I adjusted the "choke" to about 75%, but backed off the fast idle screw to keep the RPMs normal and was able to drive fairly it up to 80 mph.

Question 1:  With the single "choke" cable and tube between carbs, is there supposed to be anything on the firewall side of the rear carb? A plate to close holes? The normal choke assembly? Mine appears as though someone removed the fuel enhancement mechanism on the rear carb...or it fell off, causing my troubles to begin with.

Question 2:  Is there a more efficient way to set the fuel/air mixture than...A.  Wait for engine to cool.  B.  Pull float chamber plugs.  C.  Watch gasoline coat starter and oil filter.  D.  Make adjustment to jet.  E.  Replace plugs.  F.  Wait for rest of gasoline to evaporate. G.  Start car and get to temperature to test.  H.  Repeat whole process until correct...   ???

Thanks...MarvinM - 10927