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 Posted: 05-25-2009 01:15 am
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sooooooooo.  we have variable timing for the valves. supposedly 110 / 110, 115 / 115, and  ?100 / 110 ?
we have multiple cam grinds available like the stock one or the 104.
and we have multi distributors set ups like the 25D or the 45 with points or pertonix or....

I'm wondering what the performance benefit is for the different valve timing set ups. with the two different cams.  ie top end performance or low end torque or gas mileage or ease of driving.

I'm running the 104 grind on a higher compression piston 10:1 i think with stromberg carbs set  the valve timing at  115 / 115  and ign timing at 10 deg BTDC   recently switched from the 45 dist with points to my 25D with pertonix 

John H

btw i know this gets discussed and has been discussed but I never saw an answer to why 115 vs 110 especially with the higher lift cam and higher compression

ps any generous soul have a dellorto set up to spare?  ;)