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 Posted: 05-15-2009 01:03 pm
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Hi Francis

               I own a body shop in CT, and may be able to help you with paint codes. What paint system (manufacturer) do you want to refinish in? We use ICI now, but did used PPG in the past. Do you have the Jensen paint code for Tangerine? Basecoat/clearcoat is more durable than single stage, and will result in a better, deeper gloss, especially on dark colors. However cars of this ere were originaly painted with single stage and I believe were also air cured. Basecoat/clearcoat is however more expensive to apply as the car will have to effectively be painted twice, once for each stage. In defence of modern single stage paints, they are significantly better than what was original applied to your JH. They are a three part product (color, hardener & solvent) and harden/cure due to a chemical reaction rather than by drying or by solvent evaporation. I am restoring a 74 MGB Roadster (seen in the link below), and am going to be using a very high quality single stage paint. When I restored the JH in the link below, I repainted it with basecoat/clearcoat  Colin

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