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 Posted: 05-13-2009 05:45 pm
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I didn't consider some of my early cars as classics...although I guess they would be now if they existed...

1978 Pontiac Bonneville - 403 ci w/automatic.  Ragged out, but the only car I've ever owned that I could "power brake" and destroy the back tires...Hey, I was 16.  Notified we were moving and I'd have to sell it 6 weeks after $350 purchase.  Sold it for $700 to some guy who wanted only the engine.  Saw body years later in a field.  Come to think of it, it's the only profit I've ever made on a car.

Coolness: 50% (at age 16)  Performance: 90% (again, at 16)

1977 Chevy Chevette aka "'77 'Vette" to those I told about it that never saw it.  A lovely shade of, um, light-green...maybe...something like that.  Imagine a pear with dents and scratches.  Put a good 40000 miles on it in college, after the 100000 it had when I got it.  After 10000 with no oil, it didn't make it home one weekend.

Coolness: 5%  Performance: 5%

1971 Spitfire - Semi-daily driver until I got the J-H.  Ugly as sin, but mechanically sound.

Coolness: 30%  Performance: 40%

1972 Spitfire - Parts car for above

Coolness and Performance: 1%  (the boot lid and various other parts are in use)

1965 Herald Saloon - Yes, the hard top.  Rare, easy to take apart, will figure out how to put it all back together one of these days.  I'm considering making this one a plug-in electric car.  Anyone know where to find a large LUCAS motor?

Coolness: 50% (when done)  Performance: 0-40% (even when done)

1972/3 Jensen Healey Mk1 - New owner, new almost-daily driver, remarkable shape, incredible least compared to the 1200 cc Spitfire.  Mostly cosmetic effort required.  Definitely the coolest car I've had.

Coolness: 80+%   Performance:  80%

My other daily driver is a 2005 Lincoln Aviator with 22" rims.  Cool, reliable, and incredibly, ridiculously expensive.  What the heck was I thinking when I signed up for a seemingly perpetual $701/mo car payment?????

Coolness: 80%  Performance: 81%

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