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 Posted: 06-09-2005 12:29 pm
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I am probably getting ready to fight the cooling system fight myself. I have a four core copper radiator that is the same size as stock, just a hell of a lot thicker. However, that uses up a lot of space in front of the motor so I think I will have to do what Judson did - move the oil cooler inside behind the radiator and mount a pusher fan. I've got three electric fans laying around, including on slim line unit, and none will fit between the radiator and front engine dress.

As far as switching to an electric fan, well, it'll work just fine and probably better than the stock piece and shroud.  Most OEM new cars are electric and every race car I've ever come across is electric fan cooled, so you'll have plently of cooling. Also, bear in mind a 10" fan isn't a 10" fan isn't a 10" fan. Some 10" fans have much higher flow rates than others and you might need to do some investigation before purchasing.


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