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 Posted: 05-11-2009 01:15 am
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Keep in mind what cool is.  When your are a teenager your first car is very cool.  But things change.
1961:  1955 Ford Fairlane V8.  So cool it was off the chart.
1963:  1958 283 Chevy Biscayne.  Sweet car and much cooler than the Ford.
1964:  Traded Honda 305 Scramble (also very cool) for a 58 4 door Biscayne sleeper.  This bad boy had a 62 283 Corvette engine with a single quad and was a GTO killer at least in a half block race.  But ugly and not cool at all.  Trade it for a bunch of guns, one an M1 Garrand that had been automated.  I didn't know that and got arrested at the rifle range when on my first fire it ripped of 7 rounds.  Only one hit the target.
Sold all the guns, and the Biscayne to by:
1965:  Green 1958 348 Impala convertible.  Loved this 100% perfect car and kick myself daily, but traded it for:
1966:  1957 Corvette.  Dual Quads, Positraction, and scary speed.  Some guys drove into the gas station I worked at in Livermore, Ca, and offered a trade on the spot.  Had to sell it when I totaled my mothers MG Sedan and could no longer get insurance.
Fiddled around with a few cluckers until I found "Black"
1967:  "Black" was a 63 Pontiac Tempest with Burgandy intirior.  What a girl magnet.  Cruising East 14 in Hayward.  I was so cool, and it helped me get my first true love.
That lasted about 4 months until she found a guy with a better car and a real job.
So I moved to Berkeley and became a Hippi with a job When I bought:
1968: "Blue" My first new car, a 1968 Beattle.  Again don't forget what cool is.  Then performance didn't matter, so I was as cool as you could get.  But I was restless, so sold "Blue", my boat, my motorcycle, and everything I owned and split for Europe.
Lasted a couple of years until my money ran out and I blew a tendon skiing in Austria.
Home now where I went to Canada and met the woman I am still with.
Our first car was a:
1970: 1952 Karman Ghia.  $200.00 of a not so cool but very functional car. With the spare tire bolted to the roof, seats for sleeping, and a rebuilt engine, we but 20,000 miles on it in Mexico and all over the US.  Ended up in Lake Tahoe (Kings Beach), where we got married, got a dog and several other animals and found a need for a bigger car:
1971: 1959 VW Squareback.  Sold the Ghia to a kid who promply blew the engine coming down the grade into Truckee.  OK so the Squareback wasn't so cool, but it did the job until late 1974.  I had gone through seveal jobs, save some money and bought:
1974: Jensen Healy, brand new off the show room floor.  What was I thinking?  The salesman said it would be a great investment.  Had to choose between it, a black JPS Europa, and a 67 XKE Roadster.  What a fool, but my buddy had a new 1973 Fiat Spyder and my 74 kicked its ass.  Cool then and performance couldn't be beat, at least so I thought.
But I still have it with 78K origional miles and a full 2.2 conversion.  It sat in the garage for 6 years until I save up enough money and parts to do the job.
Worth it?  Not really sure, but it is a gas to drive.  90% cool and 90% performance.

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