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 Posted: 06-08-2005 09:54 pm
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As it turned out the June dates I was after (last weekend or this) were already taken by a Mustang club and a BMW forum. Not to fear JHers, I now have a real commitment on the date.

Our Meguiar's detailing class will be on Saturday, August 20.

So click on over to Meguiar's online forum (at: ) and sign up right now.

Yes, now.

To sign up you'll have to join Meguiar's Online (it's just like joining this web forum) then post on the sign-up thread that you'd like to attend. Then they add you to the list. It's easy and it's FREE.

Class goes something like this:
-show up (coffee and donuts will be waiting for you)
-presentation on the various topics of finish care
-question and answer session on detailing stuff
-Hands-on demo on a car chosen from the crowd. Everybody participates.
-officially scheduled stuff over, proceed to more playing with cars and wax and stuff
-fill out a class feedback form, grab your Meguiar's goody bag and go home

It's fun. It's educational. Your Jensen Healey will thank you for it. And it's all on Barry Meguiar's tab. So go sign up right now.

Well, what are you waiting for? Did I mention that it's FREE?

Paul C.

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