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 Posted: 04-24-2009 02:00 am
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I just finished installing my Aluminum tank, also by Jorge, in to my JH. I hooked it up as Jody explains, except I did not install the anti-syphon line with T section. My setup comes from the tank to a filter, then to the pump, then to a pressure regulator (more about that in a min), then to the fuel line to the carbs. The larger line on top of the tank connected to the brass pressure valve runs down the right side of the tank, through a hole and vents out under the car. This leaves the two pipe stubs on the top of the tank, one small and one larger. On my car I used the larger pipe stub for the line to the charcoal canister. As Jody explains there is a special rubber hose that adapts the larger 3/8 pipe stub to the 3/16 line for the canister. I could not get my hose adaptor to go on, since the pipe stub bulges out to 1/2 in at the end, so I cut that bit off. Then went on fine. The smaller pipe stub is most likely for this anti-syphon system which I did not put on. I capped of the small pipe stub. I don't see how Jodys return setup works, since it seems using a T would just pump gas right back to the tank and not supply enough pressure to the carbs. It seems there should be some sort of restrictor on the anti-syphon line back to the tank.  Strombergs only need about 2.5 or 3 PSI. I think my pump was putting out a bit more than this, causing the car to run rich, so I installed the fuel regulator which seems to have helped.

Also the Jorge tank comes with a thick plastic ring to use in place of the stock rubber seal. Do not see how in the heck that would ever seal. I used the stock rubber seal, but the fit is loose when installed. So what I did was take an extra locking ring for sending unit, and grind off the tabs and lip. Then used it as a shim under the lock ring to give more pressure to the seal. So far so good, but I have not filled up the tank that far yet.


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