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 Posted: 04-20-2009 12:31 pm
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I DETEST flaring brake lines. To do it properly it must be double flared (a single flare is unsafe at brake pressures and will not do!) and a proper double flaring tool is north of $200.00. The $29.95 tools sold at most parts houses are a PITA to work with, make a crappy flare and generally fail (bend, wear out, etc) very quickly.

Edelmann, Everco and others make brake line adapter nuts which will adapt 3/16" brake line to just about anything. The Edelmann bubble flare to inverted flare adapter is P/N 272330, Everco is 3009B, Weatherhead's number is 1441. That's a much safer alternative to an improperly flared line which could fail just when you need it the most.

On both of my J-H's, the stainless braided lines are the 37 degree AN lines commonly available from Pegasus Racing Supplies, Goodridge etc and are installed with adapters. Delta has the adapters (or at least they did, that's where I got the ones for my street driven car).