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 Posted: 04-15-2009 03:28 pm
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10628 is back on the road after a couple of weeks of rebuilding the brakes.  Glad I did a complete rebuild (including braided steel flex lines) as virtually everything was a disaster.

Napa has really useful poly-coated steel lines that work much better for bending and flaring at home than the usual hard-as-nails stuff.  It comes in various lengths, pre-flared with fittings.  Because the TR7 calipers are metric and the rest of the system is imperial, I cut one metric end off the Napa part, and re-flared with the proper nut.

Anyway, my question to those who have installed the TR7 calipers (Girling type 16, although mine are Lockheed) is this:  how much pedal travel do you have before the brakes actuate?  On mine, there is a couple of inches of travel before the pedal gets firm.  I can't find the specific message now, but I seem to recall someone saying the same thing, and that this is a result of the larger piston diameter. 

I don't think it is air in the system, as there is no pulling, and they work very well, with short stops.  The travel is not a big problem, it just makes them not as responsive as I was hoping for.

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