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 Posted: 03-30-2009 07:05 pm
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I am now the proud owner of 10628, and am in the process of moving it from San Diego to Castle Rock, Colorado.  I purchased it from the original owner, who kept meticulous repair records back to day-1 -- yes, there is quite the stack.  Other than the Audiovox casset/radio (installed in 1981 for $140.00) she is completely stock.

This is a project car for my daughter and I.  She's shown a knack for and interest in mechanics, and this should be a great learing experience.  We'll see what happens the first time she gets her hands greasy!  Plus, I've always wanted one, so that works out great,doesn't it? 

Yellow, very good original condition, 99,200 miles on the clock.  4-spd trans completely rebuilt 12 years ago (but only 2,000 miles ago!).  Shifts great.  Engine runs like a top, head rebuilt with new cams 20 years ago (30,000 miles ago).  Brakes, though, are almost completely non-functioning -- made for a fun test-drive. 

I'm going to completely go through the braking and wheel system, rather than just making it functional.  TR6 MC, TR7 calipers, rotors, brake lines, bearings, etc. on order.  Once I get that sorted out we'll see what else she needs.  Hopefully not too much as the plan is to enjoy it this spring and summer and then go to town on it over the fall and winter.  Bushings definitely.

I can't say that I am crazy about the yellow color. I love the way Jasper looks, so I might borrow from her a little...


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