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 Posted: 03-19-2009 10:00 am
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A nice little improvent that should be able to be used on the JH also as the Firenza front suspension looks the same from the photos. Shocks look adjustable too.

"Am sort of getting there Gregor, did not want to suggest something could be done before it had been mounted on my car. Caliper is very close to the rim and on full lock its very close to the spring but I assume as long as it does not touch it will be OK.

Disc and Caliper are Ford and in order to make it fit the stub axle has had its threaded holes drilled out and the caliper mounting bracket had to be welded up, drilled and re-tapped. Disc had 4" pcd holes machined.

The discs are vented and slightly larger dia but the pad area is far greater than before and having the discs mounted on the outside of the hub should keep thinks cooler.

Will let you know how they perform once I get my car on the road." 




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