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 Posted: 03-12-2009 07:28 pm
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Not that I'm aware of. It shouldn't be neccesary to run power steering. Mine's pretty easy to steer, even with wider tires. Before trying to adapt something, you might want to make sure that:

The bushing at the base of the steering column has not disintegrated;

There is lubricant in the steering rack (it uses a small amount of 80W90 gear oil). If it has no lubricant, the boots might be bad allowing it to leak out and that would cause hard steering;

The upper and lower ball joints have been properly greased;

There is not excessive caster in the front suspension's alignment.

If all this is within spec and you still feel it's too hard to steer, a competent shop could probably adapt a Mazda Miata steering rack and pump. Caution: this would be an extensive and expensive swap!