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 Posted: 03-02-2009 03:20 pm
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The original air filter was a typical flexible cylindrical paper element.  Delta sells a K&N that can be made to fit and is reusable.

Air boxes for the Stromberg set up should be quite easy to find.  I am sure I have one kicking around somewhere.  Air box for the Dellorto is very difficult to find.  I got both of mine from Richard Appleyard in the UK, but I do not think he stocks them anymore.  The air filter assembly is common to both and I quite often see them on ebay.

The stock air filter/air box system is significantly quieter, especially with the Dells, than the aftermarket K&N etc system.  That muffler looking air cleaner is really a muffler.

The oil vapor recovery via the airbox is more than an environmental benefit.  I have observed that many owners tap the oil vapor recovery line directly into one of the after market air cleaners.  This is really not good as it does not allow for the oil condensate to return to the crankcase, but rather get sucked into the carb (gumming it up) and quite typically drip out the filter.  The proper approach would be to fit a condensing canister like the earlier JHs. I notice many owners now doing this.