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 Posted: 03-02-2009 02:04 pm
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Thanks for the info (and the picture of your glorious engine bay!).  I have now found  picture of the airbox which I had overlooked (shop manual, p. 54, not as expected in the carb section) but I'm none the wiser about the filter.  The one in your picture is muffler-like in configuration.  But I've seen no source for any replacement (and is there replacable material inside?).  Delta shows two types of K&Ns (I have the oval ones) but not the Weiand/Ramflos.  I may have one of the original muffler-like ones in the pile of stray parts, however, but my shop is 20 miles away and I'm not there so I can't look just now. 

Is the top end of the stock filter open (as show on p. 54)?  Is the ecologically-sounder recycling you mention worth the apparent hassle of finding used airboxes (since neither Delta nor anyone else I've looked at seems to carry replacements)?  Perhaps tellingly, I have two sets of d'Os and six sets (counting spares) of Stroms with Weiand/Ramfloo filters, but only one airbox, which suggests that the several PO's thought the airbox undesirable.  I could make a mold and cast a fiberglass replacement if it's worth it, I suppose, and maybe having done that others in JHPS might want copies, but that is not an hour's work, of course.