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 Posted: 03-02-2009 11:07 am
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Dan (Florida)


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I have my steering column out to replace the lower bushing only to find that the lower section of the steering rod itself has slid downward about an inch and is clear out of the bushing, causing play in the wheel.  I went ahead and fit a brass bushing while it was apart, but cannot figure out what holds the lower part of the steering shaft into the column, The column is collapsible in case of accident and the shaft is two piece telescoping inside of itself.  My lower shaft will pull right out of the column with no problem.  The shop manual shows nothing missing and barring any other discovery I will probably drill through both shafts and put in a cotter pin through both sections to hold the lower shaft in place. 

 Also, during re-assembly, can the upper universal joint be fit to the colum/shaft with the column/shaft  in place or does it require one person to hold up the universal while another guides the shaft into the joint.  I can't wait to solve this one. any advice would be welcome.