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 Posted: 02-27-2009 01:29 pm
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Hmmm. I have a tank which I removed from the IT car I got from Ron Earp, it's not original but it's very stout. I'll sell it for $100.00 plus shipping if you are interested.

The pros: it goes in the stock location, uses the stock fill neck, has the vapor separator on the top and is about the same dimensions, within a half inch or so. I see no reason it won't fit behind the stock trunk trim.

The cons: the fuel sender plate (the removeable part) has been epoxied in place and would probably need to be heated to allow removal. It's also heavy compared to the stock tank, I would guess it's 1/16" steel. It's probably going to be pricey to ship.

PM me and I'll get pics if you think you could use it.