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 Posted: 02-27-2009 01:11 pm
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My old tank is well and truly dorked up.  PO had covered it with firbreglass in the hopes of stopping the leaks.  I cut the top open with the thought of blasting it out and then re-welding it and sealing it.  I found out that the PO also dumped epoxy into the tank with hopes of sealing it. 

I'm looking at the RCI 2161 or 2162 fuel cells.  The 2161 is 30"L X 12"H X 9"W.  The 2162 is 30"L X 9"H X 12"W.  These are aluminum tank with sending units.  I think I favor the 2162 because it is shorter and may allow me to run a pipe from the original fuel filler.  I'm not sure whether to put it on the shelf or position it a couple inches back on the trunk floor.  If I put it on the shelf, I'll have to fabricate an extension to the shelf to support the tank.  That may also eat into the space for an extension for the filler neck.

Of course, I could just use the original filler neck to hide my "stash" of cigars and open the trunk to fill the tank.  Or I could continue to use the "Mercury Quicksilver" outboard motor tank.

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