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 Posted: 06-04-2005 03:21 am
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Here's what I have done as a stop gap measure. In that I have the later valve cover with the breather extending to the rear carb I left that arrangement intact. I then ran a piece of 3/8 inch tubing from the large crankcase breather to the forward carb after noticing the punch out on the back of the air filter cover that I had not previously noticed. I used a fitting I had in the garage that happened to reduce the diameter of the large tube just enough for the 3/8 tube to work nicely. I theorized that perhaps both carbs would receive similar vapor though certainly not equal since the crankcase vent emits much more at least from a purely observational standpoit. I also had a grommet in the garage that fit nicely in the hole on the back of the front air filter cover through which the tube fit with a little encouragement. I know this is not final but it sure helps the stink. Thanks for your input and ideas.