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 Posted: 02-22-2009 08:25 pm
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Working on the car again, I won't start any more work than I can finish by May 10th, I'll be ready for the Norwegian sports car rally at Øvrevoll that day.
I've decided to leave the crossmember in for now, and only replace the bushings that can be removed without taking out the crossmember. Should still be a great improvement.

Marine Clean works great for cleaning parts, and I hope the parts will look great after two coats of POR-15.

Parts after cleaning with Marine Clean

Spindle and steering arm after cleaning and Metal Ready

First coat of POR-15 applied

I think I have identified the source of the slight contamination of the oil on the dipstick; A coolant leak at the thermostat follows a few flanges and drips down on the dipstick. Phew, hopefully no need to pull the engine yet!


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