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 Posted: 02-09-2009 02:23 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497


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Seem's to be a touchy subject to some, without offence to anyone I prefer mine functional and close to stock, it makes me cringe when I see cars come up on E-bay that looks like a rat's nest of hodge podge parts flung together and then left to rot because they lost intrest.

I have also seem some very nice cars that have been converted, such as Jim Albecks, that car was truelly a beautiful conversion, and I would'nt have minded owning myself. also Donny Pritchard came to the Philly show with a very nice V-8 conversion. If your going to do one just do it right.

I also believe in getting the most enjoyment out of the cars, driving them, putting them thru there paces, Krip I'm still toying with the idea of meeting up with Ron Mau in Iowa and driving out to Cal. and visit Greg. I think the car is that dependable even with all the British parts.