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 Posted: 01-29-2009 06:16 pm
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Just a short update to the Jaguars By Jorge aluminum fuel tank problems.
I had my existing steel tank repaired but was concerned that in the future the tank might develop another leak.  Jaguars By Jorge put his tanks on sale, plus free shipping so I decided to take a chance and buy one for future use.
I don't know if the sending unit flange problem was solved.  I didn't get that far.  I noticed right away that the tank was rattling around in the crate and when I removed the end panel found that there was no packing material.  Just a few pieces of crumpled up newspaper.
When I removed the tank I discovered that one of the top flanges was bent over.  Not so bad that it could not be fixed, but bad enough.
Also the welds were really bad.  I mean High School weld shop bad.  Big thick welds that in some cases had to be ground off.  Worse, in a couple of places the welds had been ground off so bad it had gone into the base material.
Next there was a big bulge on the trunk exposed face.  To me this was a sign of either bad forming, over heating during weld, or damage from shipping.  I could not tell.
And finally Jorge's attitude has not changed.  He did offer me $50.00 off or to replace the tank at my expense, but when I declined he became very hostile.  More verbal abuse to me and to his employees.  He seems to think all that goes wrong is some body else's fault, and not his. It's his business.
So tank was sent back.  This time it only cost me the return shipping charge.
Stupid me.