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 Posted: 01-29-2009 05:50 pm
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The Strombergs could be easily replaced by a pair of 65mm throttle bodies which is a pretty common size. The stock 175CD is about 45mm so that would be a pretty big airflow boost. I'd rather do that than gut the Strombergs because that way I could easily install a throttle position sensor, idle air control, etc.

For comparison, 2 45mm Dellortos have 9.868 sq inches of throttle opening. 2 65mm throttle bodies would have 10.286 sq inches of throttle opening. The TBs might even be a bit large since the 45mm figure on the Dells does not take into account the choke size.

Weld in injector bungs are readily available:

 Hmmm. I'm starting to talk myself into it. :-D Once the rotary is installed in the other J-H and that's running, this could be my next project.

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