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 Posted: 01-20-2009 03:00 am
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Greetings Robert. I completed a ground up restoration on 15181 three years ago now. So some details are already getting foggy! However I would suggest checking the gas tank for leaks, and the trunk floor below it for FeO2. Check the driver & passengers floors and the battery support panel  for rust, they have a tendancy to rot here. As do the rockers, dog legs, lower f/fenders and the splash guards inside the quarters and fenders.  

Does the Jaeger clock work? What about the seatbelt interlock system, this can be problematical too. The wiring is Lucas, so I would suggest just checking everything that has electrons flowing though it! Replace the cam cover gaskets with the red silicone ones from the club store if 20105 has the OEM type. The glovebox is made from thick cardboard, so that could be toast if it got damp over the last 34 years.

Some parts are now obsolete. However between the club store, Delta Motorsports (AZ), Ebay (USA & UK) and British masters  (CA), I found evrything. Including patience!!  Good luck,  Colin