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 Posted: 06-03-2005 10:58 am
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Hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to fit the Jensen Interceptor seats into the JH.

In search for more modern back support and side support for spirited driving whilst trying to maintain the classic look, i'm looking for something to replace the stock JH seats.

The Jensen Interceptor seats do qualify in terms of looks, the are reclineable, have more back and side support and do look luxerious when in leather. Have a look at the attachment.

I have heard about miata seats but don't know if their modern looks fit the 1973 JH. I have also looked at the Revington TR corbeau seats (which are awesome!!) but only thing is they are not reclineable (but may be i can get over that..)

any ideas and/or photo's are very welcome!

I'm planning on replacing stock JH dash for the more luxerious Jensen GT dash with leather trim and walnut burl and therefore am looking for leather seats.

Thanks, Erik Harkes


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