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 Posted: 01-13-2009 09:50 am
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Richar Calver has kindly filled me in with some of the details about my car. 16327 (a 4 speed) was one of a batch of fifty Jensen Healeys (16300-16349) destined for Australia. Some of the cars ended up in Hong Kong and one remained in England. The car was built in May 1974 and delivered in June 974 in Adelaide, South Australia

In its original form it was white with a black interior. As you can see from the photos, its colour scheme is now quite different.

I purchased the car in 1998. The previous owner had had all the rust removed and new metal stiched in (mainly the RHS sills and the rear sections of the floor just before the rear axle.

Since buying the car I was always bothered by the low oil pressure. I was getting several signs that the engine was in need of some TLC. Personal events intervened and 16327 sat idle for the next 8 or 9 years (my JH was in Melbourne and I was in Sydney).

In mid 2008 I was ready to live with my car again. As the car had been sitting still for so long, and I knew the engine needed some attention, I figured now was the time to address as much mechanical work as I could. Now I am time poor (unfortunately this does not translate to cash rich), so I organised for a trusted workshop to do the work for me.

My laundry list included:
    Engine Overhaul including HC pistons, 107/104 cams and Dellorto kit to replace the Strombergs
    Replace exhaust
    Replace clutch
    Replace wheel bearings
    Replace all dampers
    Replace suspension bushes
    Replace ball joints
    Recore radiator
    Tidy engine bay (there were a few dings on the LHS where someone had messed about with the exhaust header in the past)
    Overhaul the brakes
    Replace the horrid external radio aerial that was on the car with an internally hidden one
    Replace all fluids

I am hoping to have the car back on the road in the late Summer or Early autumn. In Sydney, winter is probably the best time to drive a Jensen Healey as the weather becomes much milder and open top motoring becomes more enjoyable. After reading a few threads here, I am going to have a long discussion with my mechanic about oil for the engine. I am concerned about the ZDDP (this exercise had been expensive enough without having to do it again in a few months). I have faith though - this fellow restores a lot of Jags and Aston Martins - both cars with the same level of complexity as our beloved 907 Lotus motor.

After I have let these changes settle for a while I am contemplating the Toyota Supra Gearbox upgrade. But that is for the future.

I am so looking forward to getting the Little Red Car back on the road.

As it was before I started this insanity:

As it is now:

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