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 Posted: 01-05-2009 07:05 pm
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Next step was to get the electrics up and running, quite a few hours were spent in the "Lotus position" (head down in the foot well, feet up in the air). A new set of steering column switches was ordered from Moss Europe, installing a set for a late MGB (roughly £100 for the full set). Unfortunately, I forgot to specify that I needed the LHD version, so the switches are mounted upside down. No real problem, but looks a bit odd. Colours are the same as the JH switches, but all the pins in the connectors have to be shuffled.

As you can see, John Kimbrough's schematics came in handy while debugging. While I was at it, I installed a set of headlight relays to increase reliability, and changed the sealed beam headlights with H4 replacements.

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