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 Posted: 12-31-2008 04:47 pm
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Oz, the later JH5's came with clutch fans such as yours, plus mine, they are designed to run at idle and up to speed, once at speed you have no need of a fan because of the cars movment. the fixed fans on the earlier cars are direct coupled and turn at the engine speed no matter what. when your fan goes bad on a clutch fan you can tell by turning it with the engine off, it should spin smoothly any grating and the bearing is on its way out. It happened to me at the 07 Nationals here in the US, jammed up and thru the whole fan assembly off, I was lucky it didnt go thru the radiator or damage the bonnet, plus the great bunch of people there helped me get back and I stuck a electric fan on to get by for the rest of the weekend. I did put an original clutch fan back on but kept the electric one in place as well.