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 Posted: 06-02-2005 11:04 pm
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I have a question regarding breathers. I notice on my car which is fitted with K&N air filters that the breather that comes from the volve covers is attached to a metal tube that is inserted in a hole in the rear carb's air filter housing. The engine breather that is at the rear of the block has a 90 degree angle hose that simply breathes into the engine compartment. My car is running quite rich (some smoke, stammering at idle, etc.) and I suspect the carbs are in need of rebuilding as no amount of mixture adjustment seems to rectify the problem. Is this the correct arrangement for these breather hoses? The larger engine breather in particular seems to create a nasty odor in the engine bay making working with the engine running quite unpleasant and I'm guessing the fumes find their way to the cockpit. I have noticed in photos of the original air cleaner setup that the engine breather hose appears to be fiited to the rear of the air cleaner housing. Is the original setup preferable?