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 Posted: 12-14-2008 11:55 pm
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Will some of you check and see if the rear edge of the trunk lid aligns across the back with the sheet metal or if there is an overhang near the middle? Near the edges of the depressed area where the license goes mine overhangs about 9/16 of an inch. On the ends it is flush with the metal. I'm not including the chrome trim piece in these measurements.

I checked a couple of pictures I have but can not tell from the pictures.

While test fitting the rear fenders and trunk lid on the 74 JH I'm rebuilding I noticed the edge of the trunk not lining up with the sheetmetal that has the tail lights. Didn't notice this before and thought it was unusual. So I checked the 73 I have and the two pieces pretty much align all the way across the back of the trunk lid.

The gap around the other three sides is pretty good so I'm curious if this was an unintentional result during the car's original build or from something else.