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 Posted: 11-29-2008 02:53 pm
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HI Everyone,

I have some potentially exciting news for stromberg equipped 907's. I live about 20 miles form the developers house. It seems promising as he has developed ( in his own machine shop with all the computer driven machines) a kit using the proven delco fuel injection system in all gm cars. They are in current operation with tr-6's ( 6 cylinder) and mg ( single card). He is currently developing a kit  for 4 cylinder dual carbs. ( 175 srombergs)

I should be ready in the spring. If you are worried aout the stock look........ don't worry ....... the system fits inside the strombergs and uses all the original filters/manifolds/ etc. You really can't see it. Everyone would think you are carb equipped.  I have a Jensen GT w/ strombergs and he has offered to install the first one as soon as my gt is up and running.

The only modificationmust be done to the fuel tank. It needs a return line fitting for the extra fuel to return to the tank.

The kits come with everything  except fuel line, pretty amazing...... even a check engine light.

If you are interested, please email me and I will give you details and try to answer as many questions as possible. The developer i think is curious tro know how much interest is out there for a kit for the Jensen Healey like this. 






Everyone knows the convience of fuel injection so I won't so into it here.