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 Posted: 11-23-2008 07:19 am
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Dear all

A tonneau top came with my car when I bought it from the last owner. It fits reasonably well, needs some small repairs but nothing major.

I don't take my Mk1 anywhere when it's too hot/wet (the car isn't the problem, it's me that gets sunburnt or wet) and I'm starting to think that it seems easier to leave it in 'tonneau' mode than with the soft or hard top on.

How do you find these things to use generally?

Flap around too much? Collect water, leaves etc?

There are also some velcro tabs on the sides where it sits on the top of the doors. But other than the spot where the soft top velcro also attachs, I can't see any sign of where these might feature, even if you wanted to do a retrofit.

Did these come out as an option, or are they an after market product?