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 Posted: 11-13-2008 08:35 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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Hey Mitch, sorry to hear about your preview problem. I have no idea why that would happen, maybe the browser is an issue?

The cars I've owned haven't been all that exciting, but they were all interesting and for the most part, fairly cheap. I really disliked the Mercedes, I'll never own one again.

1. 1967 Pontiac Firebird contvertible (not my best purchase (GM is my foe), but it was cheap and I was 16. I gave this car away to a friend who later rolled it in a ditch in Minnesota
(coolness 40%, performance 90%)

2. 1976 Volkswagen Dasher (my wife's lump at the time, but being that I had to fix it twice a day I began to think of it as my own. Possibly the worst automobile in human history - curse you Volkswagen!)
(coolness 0%, performance 1%)

3. 1967 Mercedes Benz 230S (bleh, I hated this thing, mediocre engineering and outrageous cost of parts made owning this about as much fun a root canal)
(coolness 6%, performance 40%)

4. 1964 Morris Mini (with massive 34 horse power (not a typo), 848cc engine!)
(coolness 45%, performance -10%)

5. 1967 Austin Cooper S Mini (a genuine S with rare options and badges all over the back, I pine for this one every now and then)
(coolness 90%, performance 75%)

6. 1984 Jeep CJ7 (what a stupid 4 wheel drive, another lame purchase)
(coolness 40%, performance 50%)

7. 1973 Jensen Healey (the best $900 I ever spent on a "real" sports car, lives happily today with new owner in Minnesota, but not the guy that rolled my frst car)
(coolness 80%, performance 80%)

8. 1986 Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce (my wife looked good in this)
(coolness 90%, performance 38%)

9. 1992 Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce (it was only an Alfa, but it was drop-dead gorgeous, had rare optional hard top. This car seemed to impress everyone. Sadly, it lacked essential horse power and it's future with me was doomed. When one sports car had to go, the Jensen Healey stayed and the beautiful Italian was sold off to make way for the Land Rover)
(coolness 98%, performance 40%)

10. 1970 Rover 3500 S (P6) Great moments in automotive engineering! De Dion rear axle, inboard brakes and front suspension behind and ABOVE the engine made this a DIYer's nightmare. This was the coveted "S" V-8 with triple hood scoops, out the factory door with a minimum 100 octane rating, those were the days. Had a period ship-to-shore radio phone in it when I got it.)
(coolness 51%, performance 90%)

11. 1968 MGB GT (I was going to restore this car, but a German guy wanted it and after all, it was just an MG)
(coolness 50%, performance 50%)

12. 1976 Truimph Spitfire (dubbed "mas bueno" this $100 car was given away)
(coolness 30%, performance 30%)

13. 1958 Woosley Elf (don't even ask, seemed like a good deal at the time for $60, this car was given away also)
(coolness 4%, performance 7%)

14. 1995 Land Rover Discovery (a diamond in the rough, one of the great vehicles of the 20th century, can almost climb trees). Sold to a friend, two years later it burned to the ground at an intersection in Huntington Beach from a mysterious engine fire (strangely, lots of Land Rovers seem to have a mysterious engine fires).
(coolness 50%, performance 50%)

15. 1973 Jensen Healey (someone down the street gave this car to me, in boxes, the best car I've ever owned)
(coolness 80%, performance 80%)

16. 2000 BMW Z3 Coupe, AKA Snow White's Hearse- nothing ever breaks, gets great gas mileage, peppy with the largest six cylinder that BMW offered, dogs fit in the back, but a tad too small for long trips
(coolness 80%, performance 90%)

17. 2002 BMW 325iT (wagon) superlative dog-mobile, does everything well, seems too fast for a wagon, easy to fix in my garage on the rare occasion it needs anything, most parts are so cheap it's not even funny, gets 30mph on the highway
(coolness 61%, performance 88%)

18. 2000 Range Rover 4.0 SE, never have so many paid so little for so much. Picked this up for next to nothing off of craig's list- acres of leather and wood, goes up and down just about anything, German engine management control and electronics, parts and insurance less than LR Discovery, dogs love it. As long as you can fix yourself and are not intimidated by the eight onboard computers and finicky climate control system (I laugh at them), makes for a perfect vehicle except for the poor fuel economy in town
(coolness 70%, performance 70%)