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 Posted: 11-11-2008 12:43 pm
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Much as I like the 'all Brit' factor of the Lotus head on a Rover block setup, I'd have to go with the Lexus 32 valve V8 which came in the LS400.  It's called the 1UZ-FE motor, there are companies in Australia and England which make M/T swap bellhousings and flywheels for them. It makes around 250-260 HP stock and is typically Toyota reliable, meaning the salvage yards despair of ever selling one. This makes them dirt cheap. I may eventually do one of those in my Solo I J-H.


EDIT: IIRC the Cadillac Northstar's heads are allegedly based on the 9xx series Lotus units, wonder how hard it would be to plop a pair of J-H heads on a Northstar block?

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