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 Posted: 11-04-2008 02:34 pm
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I lean more toward the handling/performance end of things and I have a habit of implanting engines which were grown elsewhere. My ratings are the reason I bought or built the car.

Car 1, white 1968 Spifire Mk III with a 2.0 Ford OHC 4 cylinder. Coolness 40% performance 80%. I had probably 10 other Spitfires with many different mix and match stock/modified Triumph drivetrains, way too many to list here. Currently have a 1980 Spitfire, white/red, with a 12A Mazda rotary and a custom suspension, strictly a SCCA Solo I and II race car. Coolness 50% performance 95%.

1970 Triumph GT6+, disappointing brown color. Coolness 25%, performance 70%, that thing was QUICK!

I rescued a 1959? (never was real clear on the year) Herald convertible because I couldn't bear to see it get crushed. I never got it running, I sold it to a buddy who had another one. It was cool in a very quirky way. Coolness 75%, performance 5%.

1972 MGB aqua, the only year for that color and for that reason it got a lot of attention. I started out with the stock 1.8, then swapped a 2.0 Ford OHC in that one as well. Got tired of that, so I built a rather nasty MGB motor. It wasn't really quick but it was fun. Coolness 60%, performance 35%. I had 2 other MGBs but they were 'flipped' to raise $ for my Jensen Healey.

1974 JH5, I had wanted one since high school. Finally got one, 80% cool 80% performance.

Another 1974 JH, this one is getting a 13B rotary with custom suspension etc and will replace the Spitfire as my Solo I/II car. Coolness 70%, performance 90%.

For some reason (probably pain), I left out my very first car: a 1965 Ford Falcon Futura 2 door hardtop, 3 on the tree with a 200 ci 6 cylinder. It was worn slap out when I got it at age 16 and that was my introduction to a 'rolling restoration'. Every time I got one subsystem working, another would puke. It was without a doubt the most unreliable car I have ever owned and is the only one that ever left me sitting and it did it more than once. BUT- it was a pretty cool looking car. Dark green with a white stripe on each side and a tan interior, it had the 'fastback coupe' rear window. I saw one in Georgia a while back and almost stopped to ask about it. Coolness 30%, performance 20%, outright pain 50%.


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