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 Posted: 11-02-2008 08:15 pm
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ozzadavies wrote:

There are two things wrong with the car at the moment. The gearbox makes horrendous rattling noises, particularly when cold. I think there's a gaiter missing, or says my local friendly classic garage. The other is that it is in desparate need of a full set of new bushes. I just know that the car is going to feel like new when that's done, but I've gotta save up first!!

Two tips for you: Revington TR ( has complete SuperPro bushing kits for Jensen Healey in stock. Prompt delivery, no fuzz sending the missing parts when I discovered (a tad late) one set was missing from the shipment. I'm in the process of mounting mine now, so I can't tell what the end result will be, but others say they are good.

Also: for old new stock and used parts, contact David Booth (, he sits on a lot of parts.