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 Posted: 11-01-2008 11:18 am
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19517: My Jensen Healey Mk 2 is red with a 5-speed gearbox, rubber bumpers and dellortos. It was originally sold new by Jamestown Motor Center, Long Beach, CA in 1975. The bill of sale reads:

Vehicle $7100
Hi Perf kit & 5 Spd $715
Tonneau Cover $40
Fed Spec Bumper $170
Calif Emission Chg $20
Delivery $ Handling $125
Avg Inland Frt $35

Total $8205

There are invoices from California up to November 1980 from the original owner. On April 1979 the car had done 27k miles.

The next history is from 1990 when the car was exported to the UK. It was converted to right-hand drive in 1991 (for £1733!!!) and was valued in 1993 at £8000 for insurance purposes (those were the days!) - so, what's that, $15,000 or so.

In 1994 it had done 41000 miles and has a steady amount of paperwork from then to now.

I purchased the car in July 2008 with 46000 miles on the clock. It's clear the car hasn't really been driven in the last 10 years or so and I've been sorting out lots of annoying things on it to get it back up to a solid reliable condition.

It's lovely - really enjoying it. Check out images at

The car lives with me in Stockwell, London